When should I drink nouriSH ME NOW?

How many nouriSH ME NOW's can I have in a day?

Where do the calories come from in nouriSH ME NOW?

Does nouriSH ME NOW have to be refrigerated?

Are there anymore flavours ?


nouriSH ME NOW is perfect any time of the day.  Our customers have it for breakfast or pour it over their cereal if they have a busy day ahead.......they have it to fill a mid morning gap.......its great before heading off for an activity if you don't get time to eat beforehand.....and its proving popular to have in the car on the way home after drama/dance/football/ helps to stop those unhealthy snack stops from the garage!!!

We see nouriSH ME NOW as supporting active young people and believe our drink should fit in with a 24 hours nutritional ethos of "Food First".  We think one bottle per day is ideal.

The calories in nouriSH ME NOW have been carefully considered and are in important part of the drink.  The people who use our drink are busy andf active and NEED enough fuel to support them throughout the day.  Calories come from protein, naturally occuring milk and fruit sugar and a very commonly used carbohydrate or starch call maltodextrin.  WE DO NOT add any sugar.


For active young people, carbohydrates should be on the menu every day! That's why we talk about them on our bottle.

nouriSH ME NOW cane be stored up to 9 months.  It does not need to be refrigerated but like any drink , tastes great when its cold.

We came up the flavours with the help of thousands of customer over the years..... their invaluable feedback helped create these flavours.  We take the view that we're always learning so if there is a desire or need for a new flavour then we'll be listening.

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