We have worked with Professor Emma Stevenson for over 7 years, being guided by her extensive knowledge of the evidence base behind milk and recovery.

Professor of Sport & Exercise Science - Newcastle University


Emma Stevenson


We have worked with Dr Penny Rumbold for 6 years. Her research field in active young people and nutrition has helped inform us with our evidence based formulation.

Senior Lecturer in Sport & Exercise Nutrition -  Northumbria University

Dr Penny Rumbold


with the BEST

From the very beginning of our journey with nouriSH ME NOW it has been paramount that our drink is credible and trustworthy. 

With this in mind we decided that it was vital that we worked with the very best in dairy and nutrition to create our formula aimed at active young people.

Working along side Newcastle University and Northumbria University has allowed us to be up to date in current research and investigations in this field.

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